Le nostre Escursioni

Multiple Fishing Competitions!


La nostra esperienza

Cosa abbiamo da offrire!

Provvediamo a fornire attrezzatura di pesca e organizziamo le vostre giornate!

Here you will always be able to meet your fellow fishermen and enjoy their company!
For those newcomers who wanna become pro fishermen, we offer training!
Besides local fishing good spots our club also organizes US-wide tours!
With all kinds of equipment up for rent, we are the best club!


La vostra gita!

Ti daremo la possibilità di conoscere le nostre zone di pesca.

Proponiamo dei tour emozionanti…

Special Discounts

for new club members apply all year long!
Join your fellow fishermen!

Tips & Tricks for Fishermen!

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned fisherman, tips are always handy…

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